Benton County approves next steps for courthouse alternative design

Benton County approves next steps for courthouse alternative design
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    COMMITTEE UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED A MOTION FOR COUNTY JUDGE BARRY MOEHRING T PURSUE FURTHER DESIGNS A DOWNTOWN ALTERNATIVE TO THE COURTHOUSETHAT WAS ORIGINALLY PRESENTED TO VOTERS BACK IN MARCH.         "This option that we'll through tonight is a very suitable option. It accomplishes our needs for a period of time." THE BENTON COUNTY FINANCE COMMITTEE OPTING TO PURSUE A MUCH SMALLER COURTHOUSE, THAN THE ONE ORIGINALLY PRESENTED TO VOTERS IN MARCH. WHILE THIS NEW DESIGN WOULD LACK A BASEMENT FOR A DETENTION FACILITY, THE BUILDING WOULD STILL FEATURE NEW COURTROOMS, ENHANCED SECURITY, LARGER PUBLIC SPACES AND MORE ELEVATORS. UNLIKE THE ORIGINAL OPTION, THIS PROPOSAL DOESN' REQUIRE A VOTE, OR COST TAXPAYERS. (Barry Moehring, Benton County Judge) "We're estimating between 12 and 14 million dollars but that is a rough estimate and that would be paid for with a combination of reserve funds, the Walton foundation grant of 2 million dollars, the revenue of sale of buildings and then a short term loan, not a long term bond but a short term loan." THE COMMITTE VOTED UNANIMOUSLY IN SUPPORT OF TAKING NEXT STEPS WITH THIS OPTION, AND IT EVEN GARNERED SUPPORT FROM PREVIOUS OPPONENTS TO THE COURTHOUSE PROJECT. (JOSEPH BOLLINGER, BELLA VISTA Make sure spelling is correct he said past 3 intervie name has been spelled wrong) "As I'm sure you're well aware of, I was one of the lead people fighting against the original tax increase. I think it's a great idea to use our existing reserves and revenues. I think it also embraces our culture of Benton county and remembers where we came from by expanding on our existing courthouse and it also looks to our future of our conservative values of Benton county." "This just really gives us the green light to start the design process. This is not approved the overall buildin just yet, but just to start the design process."         JUDGE MOEHRING SAYS HE WILL BRING A SMALL APPROPRIATIONS ORDINANCE THAT WILL PUT ASIDE DESIGN MONEY THE FINAL APPROVAL O WHETHER TO FULLY PURSUE THIS OPTION WILL OCCUR THIS FALL. LIVE IN BENTONVILLE JAMIE WEISS 4029 NE
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