Convert Modbus RTU to PROFINET in 4 Steps

Convert Modbus RTU to PROFINET in 4 Steps
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    Hi, Mehta from Moxa here. I'm here to demonstrate how easy it is to set up the MGate 5103: an easy-to-use Modbus to PROFINET gateway. Here, we have a PC running SCADA software, and we have a VFD connected to a PROFINET controller to control the speed of this motor. In order to connect this VFD to the control network, we have to convert Modbus RTU protocol, which the VFD uses, to PROFINET protocol, which the controller and the SCADA system use. I'm going to show you how to do all these with the MGate 5103 in just easy 4 steps. Before we start, go to the gateway's web interface and log in with your account and password. In the main menu, there is a "Quick Setup" wizard that guides you through the configuration process. Step 1: System Settings. Assign an IP address and netmask for the gateway, then click Next. Step 2: Select Protocol. In this demo, the PLC should be set as a PROFINET IO controller, and the VFD as a Modbus RTU Slave. Click Next to continue. Step 3: PROFINET. You can see that Role 1 and Role 2 of the MGate have been confirmed. Type in a device name for the PLC, then click Next. Step 4: Modbus RTU/ASCII. Select a Modbus mode to use and enter the serial parameter settings of your Modbus slave device, such as the baud rate, parity, and which interface to use. To control the speed of the VFD in this demo, we will need to click Add to add a Modbus command. Fill in the details as needed, such as the slave ID, function code, read address, and read quantity, click OK, then click Next to view the summary page. Finally, check to make sure your settings are correct, and then click Save. And we're done! Now, we can turn the knob of the VFD to change the speed of the motor, and we can monitor this change in our SCADA system. Thanks for watching. To learn more about Moxa's industrial protocol gateways, click the link on your screen to see more videos.
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