Easy cat eyes makeup for everyday in 6 steps

Easy cat eyes makeup for everyday in 6 steps
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    Hello everybody, welcome to my channel. I hope you enjoy my funny italian accent in my first english tutorial Here you find the link and you can also find it in the info box. I wish you enjoy this new video as well. so, let's start In this tutorial I show you how to make this grey and gold cat eyes in a simple and easy way because it is a make up for everyday, I will apply this shimmer grey eyeshadow and I will use this little brush. In this tutorial I will make the upward oriented line in a very simple way perfect for the beginners. I will use the edge of the container like this. I look straight in a mirror and draw a first line I start from this point, the middle of the lid, and I follow the edge of the container and arrive until the end of the eye. I use the edge of the container again to draw a second line: an upward oriented line that it follows the lower lashline. I link these two lines. and fill well this area I lift the chin and and I close half my eye and fill the outer corner and where the crease is. I make a graphic effect that I will blend. I take a little blending brush and blend the grey eyeshadow. This is the effect. I take a cinnamon eyeshadow color and apply it over the grey color to blend it. I move the brush in to the crease I blend upward the brow bone and in to the inner lid. I apply the same eyeshadow color in to the lower waterline with a little brush. In this area I don't want to use a dark eyeshadow because, in the summer, the eyeshadow could move down and create a dark shade under the eye like a dark circle. If you have the hooded eyes and the lid slightly drop, the eyeshadow that I applied in to the crease can stain this part of the lid. How to solve it? I use a light shimmer eyeshadow to perfectly cover this stain usually, I choose a peach or pink or natural color. Now, I show you the effect using a gold eyeshadow. I quickly apply with my finger starting from the inner corner all over the lid, and I arrive until the grey eyeshadow. I blend the gold and grey eyeshadows and blend well the gold eyeshadow in to the crease. I use a little brush to apply well the gold eyeshadow in to the inner corner. I underline the look using a black pencil in to the upper lashline. In the summer, I suggest you to use a waterproof black pencil for a long-lasting effect. I close my eye, lift my lid and apply the pencil betwen the lashes, starting from the outer corner. I also apply it in to the inner corner. I draw a little and short wing in the outer corner. You can choose to apply a pencil in to the waterline or not. I apply a pencil of the color of my eyes. This brown pencil also underliners the blue or grey eyes. I finish this eye make up with the mascara. I apply it in to the lower lashes, starting from the lashes base. I wish you liked this make up, I hope you find it easy, let's me know in the comments. A kiss, See you soon, Bye.
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