How to FIND and CHOOSE the RIGHT STOCK BROKER - 4 Simple steps.

How to FIND and CHOOSE the RIGHT STOCK BROKER - 4 Simple steps.
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    so how do you choose the right broker for you this is an important question and in this video we are going to answer it but stick around till the end because at the end of the video I'm going to tell you what broker I use hey it's Dario and this is Divity trading a platform where we can share our best tips and tools when it comes to trading investing or finance in general and if you love the subject please consider subscribing you know out there there are hundreds of brokers and every month there is probably a new one popping out but how do I choose the one that is right for me how can I check that it's not a scam to answer this question there are simple steps to do in order to analyze a broker and see if it's right for us but hey before we start if you enjoyed the video please leave it a like and let me know in the comments down below what is your most important thing when choosing a broker well the first thing is of course finding names of brokers to do that you can just ask to friends or people you know or if you still cannot find names of brokers you can just go on google and type in something like top 50 brokers and you will certainly find something or even better you can go down in the description and there will be a list of brokers that I consider being the best now these are many brokers and not all brokers are good and not all brokers can suit our needs and so we need to make an in that research in order to choose the right broker for us the most important thing to do at this point is to check if the broker is a scam or not to do that we can use a little bit of our common sense or even better we can check it with the authorities and by authorities I mean the SEC for the US the Asthma for europe the fema for switzerland and so on if the broker has been found to be a scam or has any type of problem on the website of the authority you will certainly find something also you can check this with they have a whole black list of brokers that you should avoid I will put a link for the list in the description now that we checked if a broker is a fraud or not we can go and see where the broker is been this is very important because it determines the legislation that the broker follows and of course from some countries there are rules that are not as strict as they should be so in this case I would avoid brokers that are based in Cyprus Malta or countries like that now that we have decided which brokers are worth to be compared we can start comparing them the first comparison that we have to make is of course what they offer and here you have to know exactly which markets you want to trade such as the stock market the futures the options forex and so on also keep in mind to check which countries are available such as the US stock market the Italian stock market the Japanese stock market the European stock market and so on if the broker offers what we need we can then proceed to comparing the fees and the commission rates first of all we need to check what type of commissions there are usually brokers offer variable Commission's or fixed rate commissions the first one is more for high capitalized traders such as people who have a hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars to invest the second one the fixed-rate Commission's is more for small traders traders that have a capital of 10 20 50 thousand dollars and then of course we will choose the broker that has the lowest Commission possible another good thing to compare the brokers is to see who uses it for example if it's used just by retailers or also by professionals such as investment funds this also defines the size of the broker if a broker is used by investment fund and professional traders it's probably going to be more big on the other hand if it's used just by retailers it's probably going to be smaller and you should maybe choose the broker that is the biggest this is just because the smallest has a higher chance of going bankrupt and so you would have to go through the process again you could also compare the required minimum deposit but I would worry much about that usually if a broker sets a minimum it's a good minimum they know what they're doing and they know that the trader shouldn't trade if they don't have the capital and I will talk about the minimum capital required to trade in a letter B why not a good thing to compare the brokers though is the demo account especially to see if there is a demo account this is maybe most for traders who are just starting out who are still studying but even for traders who are ready to go real it is better to have a Democrat so that you can try out the platform and familiarize with the broker but so at this point what is my favorite broker the broker data use well of course it's Interactive Brokers it is one of the brokers that have the lowest Commission possible it's also used by professionals and investment fund and also it's regulated in the US the only little downside is of course the platform it is actually a little bit complicated especially in the beginning but since I gonna analyze start with the platform offered by Interactive Brokers and good with it as long as I can enter the orders it's fine for me and I will talk about the platform's to use to analyze stocks in later videos so just subscribe so that you can be notified and so these were my best tips when analyzing a broker and choosing the broker that is right for you and remember the choosing the right broker for you it's crucial it's going to be your partner for quite a long time and so remember to choose it wisely but hey if you enjoyed the video please leave it a like and let me know in the comments down below what is the thing that it's most important for you when choosing a broker and I'll see you in the next video there we go another child who doesn't make a cent in the stock market and wants to teach me about CDs yes I'm a child and in this video I'm going to tell you why you must avoid CFD that means that if the broker closes the safety is gone and he lost all your money so you don't just have the normal risk
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