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How to sketch a fashion figure (Step by Step Easy guide)

How to sketch a fashion figure (Step by Step Easy guide)
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    Hi everyone. I am Namrata. you can call me me Namy. welcome back to my channel. Now for the longest time i have dreaded to have a youtube channel let alone shoot myself like this. But here i am in front of you. i thought it would be nice to show you who actually it is behind these drawings and who i really am. So dive into the video. The reason i am creating this video is that The no. one question i get asked the most on my Instagram page is "How to Sketch a Fashion Illustration". So if you want to learn - how to sketch a figure - the exact steps i follow to create fashion illustrations. - the dimensions i use to have a proportionate figure - a few bonus tips to take your drawing to the next level So i have just taken this picture as a reference to draw the figure. i take reference photos from pinterest. I follow a full process to determine the poses, outfits and style of my next illustration. So if you want to know this process and know what looks great as an illustration and what does not, then like this video and i'll create one on this topic as well. Now there are many methods of creating an fashion illustration and the one that i am showing you is neither the only way nor the best way to draw fashion figures. this is just what i find is the best, quickest and the easiest way for me to get the results i want. Here i have taken a 2H pencil which is the lightest that i have and i am just starting by creating a vertical line which will act as our base line. i am creating a few equal oval shaped heads. Fashion figures are either 8 9 or 10 heads long. i generally tend to draw 8 to 9 head figure, as this is more towards the realistic proportion. but feel free to draw up to 10 if you want to add more drama to your figures and if that is your style of drawing. Mine is a semi realistic style of drawing. At the 1 and half head mark, draw a horizontal line. this is the shoulder line. Carefully look at the direction of the shoulder. Her shoulder is tilted at one angle. Proportion wise the shoulder line should be equal to 3 heads horizontally placed together. this is just a rough estimate though. this will vary on the pose of the figure. Then at the end of the 3rd head, draw another horizontal line for the waist. The waist line is always in the opposite direction of the shoulder line. Then approximately at a 41/2 5 head mark draw another line for the hips which will be in the opposite direction of the waist line. Tip 1- Shoulder line and Hip line are in the same direction and waist line in the opposite. Then draw the line from the hips line till the knees and then till the end. AT this stage just draw it roughly, you can always refine it later on. and depending on the pose of the figure, do the same thing for the other leg. Now for the hands, draw a line from one end of the shoulder line till somewhere around the waistline and another line depending on the pose you want to draw. the proportion basically from shoulder till elbow and elbow till wrist is 1:1. Tip no. 2 - Take a darker pencil and put some flesh to these bones. Before that I'll erase the 1st layer to make it appear even lighter. Then starting from her head, i am just drawing her hairline, her jawline, her neck and so on. Tip no. 3 - Add curves. even though the girl you are drawing is skinny, add some curves so that it looks more feminine. Now I am using two multi liners from Copic to outline the illustration. I generally outline my illustrations after i finish colouring it, but for the sake of this video i am outlining it now. you can either do at this stage or later on. Now very carefully using the finest pen, start outlining. be as slow and careful as possible as you wont be able to erase this. After finishing the initial layer, i am erasing all the pencil lines. if you want you can let them be there. i like to lightly erase them. Tip no. 4- take a thicker liner and make certain portions of the lines thicker. This will add the much needed depth and dimension to the drawing and it also looks much more interesting. If you want to learn how I coloured this fashion figure, then be sure to subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon so that you don't miss any new post because i will be sharing some super useful tips that will take your illustration to the next level. And while you are waiting for this video, check out the other 2 videos where i show you how to colour lips and how to draw eyes in detail and step by step. I really hope you like the tips i shared in this video. Please like share and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching. Bye.
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