How to throw a party // 10 EASY STEPS // The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

How to throw a party // 10 EASY STEPS // The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist
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    what's up you beautiful human it's your girl Jolie and I forgot my lines I've wanted to do this video for so long because if you know me you know I love planning for parties I'm a party animal I know planning for a party can be super stressful trust me I've been there I've had all sorts of attacks from panic attack and anxiety attack heart attack I'm surprised I'm still alive so if you're watching this because you are throwing a party don't worry I got you just keep watching also if you're new here to my channel welcome I post my face every week so if you don't hate it please subscribe to my channel thank you number one pick a theme obviously fourth of July was just here so the theme could be fourth of July other themes can be Halloween and summer is coming so summer party or slutty party no no no just no no don't do that that would just turn into an orgy party number two make a guest list unless you're smart enough to remember everybody's names in your life which I'm totally not and that's also another reason why I call everybody babe I don't have to remember their names that's a really good tip by the way number three pick a date and time I don't have to explain more right number four location just make sure to pick the right place for your theme for example fourth of July usually fourth of July's parties are gonna be house parties it's just gonna be great (ps i shot this on 7/4) because it's about to go down it's going down for real dududududududu usually you can never go wrong with a house party by the way you have the right decorations behind you you're good number five decide on your budget since I'm poor and you're probably too just kidding or not just tell your friends to bring their own food or boobs I mean booze potluck style number six send it out DM text tweet them let them know you're having this party just be careful with this though you don't want to send out the invite to early because you could end up with hundreds of people knocking on your door number seven create a list of things to buy such as decorations food and booze if you're just planning on having a potluck style party you're fine but if you do have the budget maybe just give up your coffee for like a week or even just don't eat for a week you'll be fine and it's also a great way to lose weight a great party needs decorations to make it look alive and obviously food to keep people alive and then booze so people are not bored to death number eight by the way this is how I do eight or eight or eight a list of music playlist so people can be jamming in the back look at the booty shake shake shake shake oh yeah okay number nine or nine I do I like this better but create a timeline for the party for example if you're having people over at seven they're not gonna be there at seven start your activity an hour later so people have time to get there as well as make up whatever excuses why they were late here are some activities ideas card games you can never go wrong with that like poker uno who's most likely to cards against humanity or mafia I love mafia I suck at it though people just know right away what I am or just popular drinking games like never have I ever two truths and one lie etc last but not least go get whatever is on that list you can just write them down and expect them to just pop up in front of you right or not Harry Potter unfortunately once you got the list the stuff the activities you're pretty much good to go I don't need to show you step-by-step how to put down your food or how to open the door right I know you're smarter than that anyway I hope you found this helpful if you did please make sure to give it a big thumbs up comment below what are some of your favorite party games cuz I would love to know that I love you all so much thank you so much guys for watching and I will see you in the next video bye have a great party I am so excited I'm always excited damn it today I have been wanting to do this video I am singing what the fuck is happening okay plan whoa
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