Hypersensitivity in 8 steps | Non-Verbal Hypnosis

Hypersensitivity in 8 steps | Non-Verbal Hypnosis
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    Hypersensitivity: Non-verbal hypnosis opens to extreme sensitivity Power of Magnetic Hypnosis Non-verbal Fascination is a dance with the client's sensations Developing sensitivity 1: Move near the cheeks Copy these movements and you will enhance the client's sensitivity 2: Attractive by side 3: Test arm catalepsy 4: Frontal attraction 5: Light touches deepen 6: Backward balancing head These movements create an hypnotic state Sensitivity in absence of direct touch is a sign of trance Dr Marco Paret pioneered many non-verbal techniques for hypnoterapy 7: Reinduce to go deeper Get our free course www.mesmerism.info Now she is in a cataleptic beneficial state eyes are locked open 8: energy to the solar plexus Much more on our channel!
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