Real Floral Prints at home: Cyanotype tutorial in 4 easy steps

Real Floral Prints at home: Cyanotype tutorial in 4 easy steps
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    hey there everyone Laurel beard here with a super fun and different video for me because I'm going to be working with some flowers I found in my yard and I'm printing them and this is gonna be what its gonna look like when we get through the video this is called Cyanotype and I found this never heard of it up until a couple weeks ago ever ever ever but I found it on Skillshare which is a platform that I discovered a couple of months ago I actually went ahead and signed up for the Premium Membership because I've just been finding so many things that I've never heard of that was so intriguing to me like cyanotype so let's get into this video and then I'll talk more about Skillshare and also a coupon code for two months free so this is cyanotype I bought this set off of Amazon it was all of ten bucks and it came with both Part A and Part B solutions so in these two bottles or powder and then you simply just fill the bottles up with water and then it says for the best results let it absorb for 24 hours so that's what I did and then I was ready to rock and roll so I filled the bottles with water gave it a good shook wait 24 hours and now I'm ready to get into it I was so excited alright so let's get started so once I went ahead and allowed this to rest for 24 hours I went ahead and measured out equal parts what that means is I took just random things a plastic bowl whatever any measuring thing I found in my house old medicine measuring cups for my kids medicine so I basically measured out the same amount for Part A then the same amount for Part B and then mixed it together and then I got that solution right so does that make sense so let's just whatever 1/2 a cup you totally don't need that much at all so if you're gonna mix half a cup of solution a you're gonna mix half a cup of solution B so start with 1/2 a cup of solution a pour in 1/2 a cup of solution B mix it together and you'll get this green it's very wickedly it's basically looks like green water so this is some water colored paper I believe that's key it's not super expensive I believe this is just kanzen and I taped it to the back of a 12 by 12 watercolor paper pad the reason I did this is because I needed to be portable I'm gonna pick it up and move it into a darkroom soon so I just wanted to do something simple anything that you can just kind of pick up and move off is fine I'm winging it here I didn't want to go buy a whole bunch of supplies for this I just bought the cyanotype solution and that's it so once I painted on a thin layer of this green mixture here I went ahead and took it to a closet late just laid it on top of moving boxes and closed the door I just moved in case that made no sense to you but this is what it looks like now before you put it into the darkroom now while it's processing took 10 15 minutes I went out into my yard and picked a bunch of flowers and leaves and whatnot and of course I had to put some in my mouth and take a picture because I'm crazy and this is all the beautiful flowers and things that were in my yard so now it's kind of a deeper green and it's dry you can tell it's dry just like any kind of water color that's it's no longer shiny but make sure it's good and dry before you proceed to the next step which is here now I'm not a flower connoisseur I know these are wild daisies these little guys right here and I think some things I picked are weeds I pick things that I thought would make a good image you're not gonna get the color you're not gonna you don't have to worry about picking pretty and bright because my mom's like handing me all this stuff with pretty color I'm like mom you're not gonna see any of that you're basically just printing the design or you know what I'm saying so maybe you don't but you'll see in a minute so I don't know what this is this is just some random leaves I thought it would look pretty against the paper there so I tried to pick things that have a design or that have some kind of texture or and here with this particular leaf that's kind of half cut off screen I'm sorry I didn't have a camera lens big enough to film four pieces of paper here I don't again this is some kind of leaf branch I like the little tiny leaves so I'm basically fitting it onto the cardstock that I cut down the watercolor paper I think I cut it down to four by six probably any size you want you can actually make one big print if you want you don't have to do so many but I thought I would just do four and and add some flowers add some leaves add some weeds add some daisies whatever and I'm winging it so I'm just trying to envision what this is gonna look like and I had no idea I am taking you along on the ride with me right now this is lavender now that I dunno I love me some lavender oh yeah so I thought I want some lavender so forget the little roses bye-bye roses I'm putting down some lavender any way so anyway I'm taking you on the ride so I'm just trying to kind of spread things out open them up trying to make sure that whatever I'm putting down you know some details are going to form because we're printing these flowers now I did also buy a piece of plexiglass so that is the second thing I bought for this everything else I just used random things around my house but you need something that's clear that will press all of this down once you're done which I'm finishing up here I'm still totally winging it I don't know how this is gonna look but I was quite you know happy with it enough to go ahead and print these flowers so I got this Plexiglas off of Amazon I'll link to everything that I I used below which is you know just a few things and you're gonna press it down and then you're gonna take it outside but you need Plexiglas or something laughs anything that's clear that you can press down over it is going to work and you might have something but this is what I purchased off of Amazon very inexpensive and I can use it for other things as well and I'm just gonna press it down as you can see that I'm gonna pick it up and take it outside so this is what it looks like right now before I'm going to take it outside and let the Sun do its thing so I went ahead I laid it on my deck I made sure it's in a sunny part of my deck I put my phone on a time-lapse and watch how it just the colors just deepen it will probably set out there for 10 minutes or so you could actually see the clouds moving which i think is pretty cool and then once it was all said and done it became this beautiful dark dark navy blue so it started out like this and it ended up like this right we're not done yet but I just wanted you to see the difference in the colors so once you're finished with that step you basically are going to bathe your little prince so this is just a piece of Tupperware from my kitchen and just cool water regular water nope not hot not cold just regular water from my kitchen and I am just rinsing it off and they say to leave each print in for 5 minutes but I didn't do that as you can see and this is real time so they're in there for I don't know 10 seconds but anyway I was pretty happy with it I'm just basically rinsing off whatever the solution is and you can see that print is coming to life again there are a few that I absolutely love some prints and then there's one that looks like skeleton hands which you'll see in a minute this is one I did off-camera this I just had some extra flowers laying around so I went through the same process and instead of using the glass that I used for the first print I used my cutter pillar glass mat which is a mat I used for all of my you know my glass surfaces and what I work off of but it has gridlines on it and that actually is going to shine through the gridlines and that's pretty cool and I'll show you that in just a second so once you rinse off everything you need to hang it to dry like I said I was winging everything I don't have a clothesline so I just you know clothes pinned it to my blinds until it was good and dry and here's a couple looks at the prints that I did in the video here this is the one that I really think is cool if you look closely I'm gonna give you a close-up here you can see the grid lines on that that's because there were grid lines on my glass and I just thought that was stinking cool and I loved it and it's probably my favorite one out of all of them now this next one is the one to me that I think looks like skeleton thinkers but whatever that's cool we're rolling with it I made so many prints I actually had so much fun doing this I couldn't even tell you what all these flowers were but if you go out into your yard you can cut anything I think that's my lavender right there leaves it doesn't have to be florals whatever there's a whole world of things that you can actually print with the cyanotype solution I haven't gotten to anything other than this this was so much fun I did it with my daughter and of course she just thinks I'm a magician you know and then she got to go out and get flowers and she's my little outdoorsy flower girl so we had a really good time and I'm gonna in a framing the ones that I like there's four of them that I love and I'm gonna frame them and put them in my craft studio so I love it these are great gifts to give to people one-of-a-kind very unique DIY and so easy to do so again I got this idea this whole lesson everything from Skillshare I've got a two month free count code down right there in the description if you want to check it out they have a bazillion classes covering everything under the Sun I can't even begin to tell you because every day I go in there to check what's new or what's going on and I get some recommended classes and that's actually how I found this one it was just recommended to me and one of the daily emails that I signed up to get so I'm digging it I love it this video was sponsored by Skillshare but the opinions are absolutely my own and I also want to put out there that after I did the two-month trial myself I actually paid for the year's premium subscription that's how much I loved it and if you know me you know I'm very frugal with my money alright it's true alright thank you guys so much for joining me today I have successfully moved to upstate New York and I've got a closet that I've shoved full of the boxes remaining but I still have to unpack but at least they're behind closed doors you know what I'm saying thanks so much for joining me guys we'll see you next time
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