Revisiting Repay & Next Steps for the Stock (w/John Jannarone)

Revisiting Repay & Next Steps for the Stock (w/John Jannarone)
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    Welcome to trade ideas. I'm Jake Merle sitting down with John Jay neurone editor-in-chief IPO edge John great to be back on the show Thanks Jay. So today we actually have to review on Thunder bridge you crushed it, man You were actually up 200% over the past few months on this stock Can you please walk us through exactly what you were looking at and how things have unfolded over these past few months? Yeah, sure Jake So what happened with Thunder bridge, which is now repay because the SPAC deal closed is the warrants looked really cheap They just weren't getting very much attention So I saw an opportunity there to get exposure to the warrants, which is risky Right because of the deal hadn't closed they were they would be worthless But since then the deal has closed and what happened was really interesting Barron Capital big long only fund came in they do a lot of you know small cap stocks But they have a lot of capital that they're managing They came in and they said you know what? Why don't we come? Why don't we you know invest alongside the arrestee investors, but let's get rid of all this dilution for the warrants So what happened is the warrants got taken out for a buck 50 in cash plus a quarter of a warrant so what I said last time I was on when I was on here with you on was to hang in there and It worked out. So the the stock is now trading and the warrants are also trading as well And it looks like you know, they're worth roughly if you count the dollar fifty two dollars and forty cents a share and so you Originally recommended buying the warrants below 80 cents in April you then doubled down at? 165 or so in May and now they're trading like you said above 240 so given the recent price action and everything We've seen would you be buying it here at current levels or would you just be taking profits? You know, I think in the beginning I really believed that the business the the common stock is worth fifteen dollars a share So I still like it. I don't like it as much as I did before But yeah, you might take a little profit here, but you know remember after the the warrant Announcement came out the stock, you know that the warrant dipped a little bit That's when I said to get back in because it just looked too cheap I mean it was worth a dollar fifty in cash alone I saw it dipping below dollar sixty and that's when I came on last time and said you should get in it you should get Into it here So if you see people taking profit which is which is I believe what happened last time There could be another chance to you know, jump along for the ride and over. What time prising do you think? It'll reach that $15 per share I'd say the next two years or so, you know, this is not I mean the company is a steady grower But you know This is not something that's gonna trade like some of these crazy IPOs that we've seen like beyond meat or anything like that Well, John, we'll see how it plays out and months to come. Thanks so much for joining us. Thanks a lot So John is still bullish on repay Specifically, he likes buying ticker symbol RPA why at current levels with the target price of 15 over the next two years? That was John Jana rone of IPO edge and four-wheel vision. I'm Jake Merle You
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