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    Bryant McGill says having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self because to plot is a destination - whoo hi guys welcome to today's episode my name is Keegan you're watching advocated King YouTube channel and today I'll be taking you on the steps on how you can achieve your dreams I can get you your journey you see the word destination reinforce the idea that's discovering our purpose is truly a journey often lack of planning can lead to unexpected results including never reaching to a destination on expected result like positive or negative Louis to seize the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step do you take the next step forward towards your purpose today have you also considered that your entire life's purpose is a joining of the thoughts are mine one step is going to make or it's going to break your backs journey Napoleon he says most great people have attended their sources just one step beyond their greatest video okay to tell yourself positive change daily you must know yourself internally to grow externally you are going to go through tough time no doubt that's life for you but joy Austin says nothing happens to you it just happens for you see the positive in negative events ask yourself what is my problem steve maraboli says all those goals are important but having a plan of action is vital to the success of these goals but you to happen where you don't have any plan of action having a goal with no plan of action is like wanting to travel to a new destination without no plan or without no map we establish a destination by refining what you want then take a physical action by making choices that moves you towards that destination the possibilities for sources is limitless and achievable at the destination drugs is sometimes it is not joining that teaches you a lot about your destination also an author says sometimes I just forget about the destination and just enjoy my journey chosen to be positive and happy and a graceful attitude is going to determine how you get to it never forget sometimes when you lose your way you'll find yourself when you lost sight of your parts listen for the destination in your hearts you see even a snail we've been too illiterate its destination above all happiness is a state of mind a choice a way of living it is not something to be achieved is subject three days don't forget to think think the writing are today at the right time and also don't forget to have a plan of action you want to see on top these steps teach you more never forget please subscribe down there to the link below and by next week again another video is going to be dropped
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