Steps to Lucid Dreams and Transformation of Nightmares

Steps to Lucid Dreams and Transformation of Nightmares
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    Patterns of happiness are frameworks that always work. They are tools and practices that will bring permanent change to your life for better. We're not looking for temporary solutions we change and transform. We practice what we preach and we're gonna share it with you here. Be careful because you can become seriously happier today. Charlie, thank you for finding time to meet with me! Thank you! Thank you for having me. Did you have enough time to recover from your journey to Croatia? I'm well recovered! To set out the ground for our conversation: Charlie, can you please explain is there a chance that some people don't have dreams? It's for those who doubt that dreams can be lucid and for those who think that they don't have dreams. It's almost impossible The only way to stop the human brain from dreaming is major head trauma. So if you have a stroke or if you have like a really bad car accident with a lot of head trauma - you might stop dreaming or have reduced dreaming for a few months afterwards. But after a few months the dreams would come back. So everybody is dreaming every single night based on an eight-hour sleep cycle they'll have about five dream periods a night, multiple dreams in each period. So the question isn't "do I dream?" - "do I remember my dreams?" Why people don't remember their dreams? What's the reason for that? Some people are like 60 years old and they say "I've never had a dream in my life" I'm just wondering why the hell even older of their life and I've never remembered anything I think simply because they never tried it's as simple as that you know I often meet these people that are often around 60 late 60s and they hear me presenting on the neuroscience of dreaming said I hope I believe 60 years I do not dream and this happens like maybe once a month I'll meet someone like this who really wants to test the theory and I say okay please test my theory I'm confident in these in these techniques so tonight as you fall asleep I want you to set a strong intention to remember your dreams when did you last do that and they say well no I don't try to remember my dreams because I don't dream that's okay so tonight set an intention to remember your dreams I have a trip before bed sit you know sit on the edge of your bed and just say right tonight I'm gonna test this guy let's see if Charlie knows what he thought I'm gonna remember my dreams that can work something even better as if they go under the hip a state which is that transitional state of mind as you're falling asleep which is a natural state of hypnosis and implanted it not accession to remember their dreams such as tonight I remember my dreams I have excellent dream recall and this is what listeners and Watchers of your podcast can do as they fall asleep tonight the Tibetan tradition would say to be that twenty-one times as e4c if you do that there's a very high chance that you will remember your dreams upon awakening it's not you know 100% but many people find that if you do that for seven days seven days in a row then it's almost 100 percent success rate just a quick question do the need to do this aloud like I want to see a dream or it can be just as an intention you can vary because you're falling asleep you're doing it in your mind in the book you say that you live in a Buddhist communities Detroit yeah I just moved out I mean about a year ago so I now live in an apartment like I can see the Buddhist Center I can see the roof I live about 150 meters away living there for almost eight years I got married even though I was living there with my fiance we got married and I looked at all these apartments in London they were all so expensive because London's such an expensive place to live and then we gave up and then just when we gave up this one more alert came through in the email saying this apartment showing this apartment and it was you know on the same road not only on the same Road but like two doors down you know few buildings away and all let's go and see it it's so close and we went to see it we loved so yeah now I live in the outer mandala rather than the inner Mandarin I'm still within the mandala within the whatever it implies that you're within the mandala does it have any influence on your routine when your daily agenda I mean if you're talking energetic imeem I was kind of joking about the mandala but if you're talking energetically then yes you're still within the sphere of influence of the mandala are still within the energetic space of the Buddhist center the Buddhist a lot of things uncertain a lot of ceremony is done there will have been lighting people you've been there and they do a lot of bless into the actual building itself and the surrounding area - they say pacify the elementals which I guess means you know spreading good vibes and creating an energetic framework in the space so I think maybe I'm still within the within the sphere of that influence but also because you live so close to the Buddhist center what does it mean it means I don't forget about Buddhist use everybody hold fast it means at least once a week I'll go down there and do one of the practices or meet someone there or yeah so I wouldn't I would feel very different if I lived you know 20 miles away I think there's some because I'm connected to the lineage it's nothing I don't think is anything special about Buddhism this something special about spirituality it's like a Christian living near a church would probably feel more connected I'm a good it's like you're more connected to the how is your lineage connected with lucid dreaming and Buddhism in general because I remember in your book you started saying that you had your first lucid dreams when you were around 17 so as far as I understand you weren't a Buddhist at that time and are this two different careers like becoming a lucid dreamer and the teacher Melissa dreaming and being a Buddhist the point so I actually had my first lucid dreams earlier than that but I taught myself to lucid dream intentionally when I was yes 1617 um and as soon as you start reading lucid dreaming books as I did they all mention that Tibetan Buddhism has this tradition called dream yoga with the Tibetan come along now which means yeah that yoga of the dream um so if you read a lucid dreaming book you're probably going to hear that mention so it was in my in my mind and at the same time at 17 I was also reading books about Buddhist because I was getting interested in that but I first learned lucid dreaming separate from the Buddhist path I wasn't tall dreamy other technique haven't gone into any dreamy other workshops or anything like that so yeah I learnt loser do me separately first of all and just used it for like sex and skateboarding and just heaven ISM because I was seventeen so good at the time and then when I got into Buddhism properly when I was 19 then I started exploring further these dream yoga practices which you know the the practice of becoming loose it was very similar actually a lot of the Western techniques are actually based on the Tibetan ones whether they know it or not whether it's just the human brain a thousand years ago is similar to the human brain now so similar techniques work in the same way but I learned some of those techniques and crucially it was learning about what to do when you loose it so people want to learn all these fancy dream yoga techniques falling asleep imagining you other day I've seen all these kind of things but actually the dream yoga starts once you lose it in the lucid dream do you using the spiritual practice or do you use it for just flying about having sex with movie stars this kind of thing so as many that change when I go to Buddhist and people telling me to do things like meditating the lucid dream say mattress and recently transform yourself into the deity in the lucid dream that stuff was new I haven't come across there and soon I found out that there was a long history you know at least a thousand years that lucid dreaming that he practiced within Tibetan Buddhism and before that in Buddhism itself you know there's a quote from the historical Buddha two-and-a-half thousand years ago what he tells his monks and nuns to fall asleep in a state of mindfulness I'm not he's not using the term lucidity here but to fall asleep in a state of mindfulness feels like the first kind of instruction there about lucid dreaming and of course if you do enough meditation and you're a fully enlightened being like the Buddha was it said that once you're fully enlightened like all your dreams are lucid you either don't dream you're just in the clear light stay all night or any dream of you have a lot of prophetic dreams or they're lucid dreams so was good or a lucid dream indefinitely but it seems that it was a Tibetan Buddhist lineages that really explored lucid dreaming more fluid for example Atkins and Buddhism you don't there may be dream kratos's but you don't have such a kind of a casual of the dream practices where sabaton Buddhism is all about dream and death those are two very strong aspects I guess living in a community where people actually nurture this and support is and maybe even sharing the morning whether the head lucid dreams are in order I mean I think it might be very helpful yeah that was kind of cool like being able to in the mornings you know being having breakfast with lama with long as animal who's a who's the woman who runs the buddhist center and she's done like ten years retreat she's done all the dream yoga practices and you know not often but maybe once a month that comes out breakfast now so along i just had this dream and she might comment on it often should just say forget it because that the job of the Lama is if they see any ego coming in any pride at your achievement all other smashy and I'm thankful for that but often sushi would say yeah that's interesting maybe this maybe that yeah what school you know but people think of living in a Buddhist and they think that everyone's like enlightened you-let's Buddhist obviously and we're all totally fucked up that's why we're living in a Buddhist in people who are really peaceful in Zen that they don't need to live in a Buddhist in my mind so crazy I have to live to try and calm my mind so it's not quite as then as you would think but yes you are surrounded by people do you most of whom do Buddhist practice so it's not weird it's something you could talk about it's something you're encouraged to do you know as lama told me if you can't meditate living in a Buddhist then you can't I took your sides and I know that you do the workshop lucid dreaming workshops what does it consist of I mean what imagine it is like it's like people getting together and like sleeping together or does it go yeah so if you got my website anything that says workshop is like a seminar so you know you go and you learn the lucid dreaming techniques maybe we do do some lying down practice that you'll however her for the nighttime right whereas anything on the website that says retreats those are the ones that they're really flat where yes during the day we do all the work except we learn a technique we do some yoga we do meditation but then at night time people sleep in their room to be 10 30s or 330 well this is option if they want sleep in their room from 10 person you'll tweet this now at 3:30 in the morning they wake up and they move into the shrine area where they have Ed number to it so you have two beds one in your bedroom and one in the shrine and then from 3:30 onwards I then guide people into sleep with a certain technique and then an hour and a half later I wake them up with the Tibetan singing bowls very gently and everyone sits up writing down their dreams writing down their lucidity whatever happened and then they guide them back in the seat for another hour and a half then I wake them back up and then guide them back in the sleep so this is a really old technique you find in Tibetan Buddhism as well as you find in the Toltec Mexican Mexican practices which is essentially if you fall asleep once and you wake up once you have one chance to remember your dream one chance utility one chance whatever if some crazy guy wakes you four times a night you've just quadrupled your chances of success so that's essentially what we do I'm not saying people sleep like that every night but just for the period of the 4-day retreat it's like lucid dreaming boot camp you know you've got really intensely into the practice leave maybe once a week they sleep like that they wake several times or once every two weeks something like that but yeah that's really my kind of flagship retreat because I don't think there's anyone else in the world who does those I know it's a mother lucid dream you keep they wake you like once but I'm talking four times a night four nights in a row so I think I'm unique because I'm younger and when I get older I'll be like fuck that man I'm too tired for this when I have kids I feel like that but right now I'm young and I have the energy to do it yeah four times is a lot but in the same time every week I take the night shift looking after my daughter and like yesterday I woke up at least seven times now I'm sort of thinking maybe I should use it as portunity for lucid dreaming as well it could work you could I mean out says sometimes I've been at workshops and someone will ask that question and you'll see the women in the room go and if Kemp's up as it like no you don't know the pain you cannot use this for lucid dreaming you're sort of stress you always kind of suck so I don't know if you could use it for lucid dreaming go for it yes it is a technique but also some people say they're so sleep-deprived during that time where they waking up for their kids lucid dreaming is is out the window anyway so yeah if you can use it use it if not just concentrate on getting some sleep and then when your daughter's through this period and when she's a little bit older and she's sleeping then I love your book I mean there is no water in the good sense I mean you do not waste time with long stories you just get into it you're very clear techniques and one of them I shared it with many friends of mine and it worked for them the shadow part I have never looked at the nightmarish and the whole concept of having this difficult emotionally hard dreams as something I could work with so you have completely shifted my perspective and I wouldn't say that I'm such a successful lucid dreamer I had only a couple of four lucid dreams that I remember but two of them were the ones where I had a chance to use the technique to give it hog to my greatest fears hmm it was so transforming for me so for this I'm forever grateful for you for sure and I shared it with a couple of friends of mine who use it as well and they said that it's amazing because it's actually an absolutely different perspective you're not running from the night worse you're actually going into them yeah I understand the concept in life when you say okay I feel sad or feel and you're not running to suppress it I'm looking into you but doing the same in the dream whoa no wasn't credible I'm glad that you found it helpful this concept is based on the idea that everything in the lucid dream is a psychological representation of yourself you know if you all having a lucid dream in your father appears it's not your dad it's your psychological representation of your dad if you meet you know a dog in the lucid dream it's not a dog it's your psychological representation of the dog which for some people might represent fear because they're scared dogs are that evil that might represent love because they love dogs you know it's it's very obvious psychology what's going on in the lucid dream but what's not so obvious is that if you your interactions with those elements of the lucid dream affect your mind of course they do so if you go into a lucid dream and something scary appears and you run from you you are further creating a habit of running from your fear and we know that an elusive dream we're creating neural pathways because what the prefrontal cortex is activated the brain thinks you're awake it doesn't think you're having a lucid dream it thinks you're awake so you are then perpetuating a fear-based paradigm if I move away from what scares me whereas if you're in a lucid dream you become lucid and you see something scary like a launch to us I mean we come on my body's asleep in bed this is all a three-dimensional hallucination of my own mind so that monster must represent something I'm scared it must represent some monstrous part of me and traumatize part of me a fearful part of me a part of me that has become split off so how long if I can show love to that rather than fight it if I can literally hug it or say kind things to it or say how can I help you you know how can i integrate this fear then not only are you integrating the fear of the dream and helping cure yourself from the nightmare but also you're creating a neurological habit in the brain that says I move towards fear I do not let fear rule me and that's affecting your waking state this is the cool thing about lucid dreaming if you can go into the lucid dream and you can embrace your demons if you can show love to your zombies if you can you know hug your monsters not only do you get this rush in the loot agreement well how I'm kind of embracing my fear I'm doing the scariest thing but you're creating these neural pathways that mean in the waking State the next time someone's bleeding but your boss is bullying you at work or the next time you see something on the street where there's an injustice well the next time you're feeling the trauma from childhood from the bullying that happened at school you're more likely to move towards them rather than run away from it and to actively engage that fear and that makes us more powerful human beings that makes us more human and you can see this you know anyone lives and you think all this is bullshit here's the cool thing about lucid dreaming you can test it when I heard the things about people getting athletes getting better at sports by training in their lucid dreams I thought it was bullshit so I went into lucid dream in my train and I found myself getting better at sports in the waking state when I heard this thing about embracing your monsters in the lucid dream uh through the bullshit so I went in and braced the monster and I woke up buzzing with energy and feeling this like deep happiness for two days objects you can feel it so anyone listening to this he thinks it's bullshit try don't believe me try it it is so powerful I had this dream about someone from my past an authority I was periodically talking to this person inside of me like justifying myself or I don't know what our and then the dream I have finally understood that it's not actually her talking to me it's like me a part of my brain has it's a treasure to share part of your brain that has been symbolized by that person so it's like when people dream and they see the bully from school and I think why does that bully from school always come into my dreams I haven't seen that person for 20 years I don't care about that person anymore I'm not a child anymore so yeah they are a symbol of disempowerment well they are a symbol of fear and that's the cool thing about dream is working with symbols but in the lucid dream we can intentionally call that simple so you know if the bully from school was yet lucid and called for Alex to come into the dream and that symbolic representation of fear will arrive and you can dialogue with it you can embrace it you can you know dissolve it and that'll have a very powerful effect on the mind and this is why lucid dreaming is being seen as such a powerful intervention in therapy you know I gave a talk at the Ministry of Defence three weeks ago now I mean this is insane the science is so strong now for lucid dreaming being a treatment for nightmares that they're getting people at me going into the Ministry of Defense the talk to the Colonel's and the loop and the older I decide that the generals in the in the armed forces and people from the Ministry of Defence of us mi5 mi6 telling them about lucid dreaming he says it'll say you know 10 years ago you would you couldn't even mention lucid dreaming and so I let the relationship it's now it's become so their reply that they're actually using it as a way to treat soldiers who come back from wards and have nightmares this stuff is really I have checked your Instagram and there were a couple of pictures of you in MMA fighting hmm where did you ask you is it a part of your shadow how do you how do you see it because I know some Buddhists or at least people seeing their Buddhist who say that this is still some violence and this is reinforcement of violence the question so first of all there's a long tradition of Buddhism and martial arts so I think you're right say even we think they're Buddhists I think there's a conflict actual Buddhists know the Shaolin monks I mean the most famous Buddhist monks in the world with a pioneers of kungfu and you see these guys training and fighting this is serious this is not like Jackie Chan movie this is serious combat right and the Shaolin kung-fu well there's a lot of a different history one of the histories is that the shaolin kung foo method was developed to protect the buddhist temples because you have a lot of like gold like gold plated right and a lot of wealth in these temples because of people giving offerings and stuff so the war would attack the temple that elder monks they can't do anything so let's steal the golden Buddha's and melt them down and get over that so this was developed that we needed a way to kind of protect the temples and one one of the histories is that Shaolin kung-fu was was developed as a way for this to happen so first of all there's a long history between martial arts and Buddhism number two there's a big difference between the arts of combat and violence so for example the kick boxing competition value it is actually kid boxing not not MMA so they're a big blob of 16-ounce gloves you know you have a head guards or this kind of um there's a big difference between practicing the art of combat which I do find as a meditative thing to do and fighting you know I haven't had a fight on the street my god since I was a teenager but actually that's not true I did almost everyone just Arthur brexit Rex it happen weirdly man in London two weeks of a grexit ever long saying racist things were saying homophobic things It was as if the sensor was just taken off people's mouths and they said what they like so I think there was a was a gay guy being amused in the park by this drug guy and and I helped that guy but it was there was actually no need for violence they were just a need for someone with the confidence to prevent this this is this unjust thing from happening but anyway in a kickboxing competition you're signing a contract with someone you'll say okay you practice martial arts I practice martial arts just like a tennis player has two ends of tennis competitions to see how good they are at tennis martial art is I believe need to enter martial arts competitions to see how good they are because otherwise you're just getting my bad you know as Bruce Lee said the bag doesn't hit back you know so we need to test this so we go into the situation to test our combat skills and we said okay you cover your head in a pillow I'll cover my head in a pillow we'll put pillows on your hands pillows on our feet and we'll see how many times I can hit you without you hitting me and then we'll count out the points again I have seen no I see no conflicts in Buddhist practice I feel no kind of paradox but how about me fighting in their Buddhist at all other people may have different views but I'd ask them to check the history of Buddhism before they make that judgment and also other medicine a point of view if you want to see how your mind is you know we need to test our mind of meditation - and how do we test the mind of meditation okay go into a ring with a stranger and have a martial arts competition then you're gonna see how still your - you know do you respond with violence do you respond with aggression you know the way to win a martial arts competition is to be able to fight someone without being in fight or flight you know there's fucking arrest them by jest right the two different nervous systems and if you couldn't be in a competition a martial arts competition and stay and rest and digest and not be in a fight or flow that's the way you could win the moment you get into fight or flight and then you were aggressive you're gonna lose because you were not mindful that the meditation the mind is gone so I think also at the very good test for meditation I see can we stay calm can we can we move without aggression can we practice martial arts without one's in to hurt us you know before I am sure accomodation I literally pray by the side of the ring and I pray that may my may knee and the person I'm fighting be free from injury and free from pain and may we both give the best display of our martial arts capacity possible that's the prayer great point so that's amazing because you're also changing the whole view the whole perspective of the need of insensitive for martial arts I totally agree with you that there has to be a place to check all the like meditative skills require what when my baby was born for example that's the first time when I realized why I was doing different meditations really cold or trying to stay as calm as possible there was a really hard exam at the time I can imagine yeah really odd exam what's your current daily agenda for meditation and preparations for lucid dreaming okay do you actually set the alarm clock at night steel or you just already have enough skills not to do it no not at all I'm not a natural lucid dreamer so unless I do the lucid dream practices I don't have Lisa treats one of the reasons that well I might have a few but not not regularly one of the reasons that I started doing these four day intensive retreats you know where I wake everyone up through the night is so that I have time for practice I just created my ideal retreat schedule and I said well look maybe other people want to do it and then 50 people sign up and do it with me so actually most of my practice is done on retreats when I get home after a four-day retreat the last thing I want to do is to set my alarm and do stuff you know I want to go out pizza and drink a beer and just be normal so weirdly I have the least amount of lucid dreams in my bed in my bedroom at least the most amount of lucid dreams are when I'm traveling hotel rooms running retreats because in my bed I feel so kind of safe that I just sleep really deep you know that's where I get my restorative sleep whereas when I'm traveling when I'm teaching that's when I'm not okay I'm going to do the practice now as far as kind of meditation routine I don't have a daily which you may have a week so I have certain amount of hours a week and I try and do so sometimes that means on Sunday I have to be a lot of meditation then I will not be pushing myself too hard you've got a baby like once you have a leader just like you said that can be your meditation like of course if you can get formal meditation brilliant just five minutes here five minutes there you know use an app and use headspace or something it will help you get the little five minute chunks they all add up it's like when people say they don't have time to go to the gym and I say do a hundred press up today if you do a hundred press up today for one month your body will change undoubtedly and so now I do a hundred press up today you do twenty in the morning we do 20 at lunch due to anything pretty before bed you know and he built that to a hundred and it's exactly the same notation that you with your baby man I mean every day must be the that you know strengthening your muscles of mind and your patience and your compassion so yeah give yourself a break on that man it sounds like you're doing a great job Thank You Julie how do you look a different power center for example or specialties or I have recently tried a medicine for lucid dreaming I forgot how this go he starts with a a think okay doesn't matter so I tried it and I had I had lucid dreaming I did but I also had such an incredible rash in all the inappropriate places I had a very strange hand go or galantamine sorry Glen to me oh the Lanvin okay yeah I had such a hangover I was kind of in a place where I was thinking and then with time would pass and I was just keeping moments and I wasn't from the present what was happening it happened to me my friends tried it and it was somehow good for them they didn't here's what I experienced but I decided that maybe galantamine is not my thing for short yeah I had agree with you you know glad thing is an anti Alzheimer's drug it's what people take when they have dementia they have a silent to the increase in blood flow to the memory centers of the brain if you take it when you don't have Alzheimer's or dementia and if the thing you're trying to remember before bed is I'm gonna have a lucid dream I'm going to know what I'm dreaming and it helped so you still have to have the intentions you know I'd say this you know would we take a pill to meditate and most people the answer is not lucid dreaming is a form of meditation in fact in any way there's a higher form of meditation Tibetan Buddhist you it's actually a higher form and waking meditation so I'd be very careful popping a pill before meditation however there's a very strong placebo effect so I think a lot of the herbal things like when people hit mud water needs kind of dream teas they get and stuff like that maybe they have nothing psychoactive in but if you can create a little ritual around you know taking the herb or having the herbal tea before their that ritual will boost the placebo effect and the perceiver effect is so powerful that we know in studies even if you tell someone it's the placebo it still works so it doesn't matter if they think it doesn't work just the actor kind of taken the tea or taking the field can work so the herbal things the vitamin base things like bb7 60 listen in 12 magnesium before bed those things are good for your body you know especially if like me if you're a vegetarian you need those vitamins so if we know that those vitamins help with dream recall I think that's fine they're taking a herbal based Englishman based things but when they're kind of medicines things like kilometre mean or like really heavy chemicals I don't know man I just I think it's like steroids you know steroids in the gym it's like okay if you take steroids you still want to work out you still gonna come weights you still gonna lift weights but your muscles gonna grow much faster like galanthamine we take your labs we new silver to do the lucid dreaming practices but it's going to manifest much quicker but just like steroids there are all these side effects as you discussed things with the rash I mean the rash I haven't heard of before but the hangover galantamine hangover is a whole thing you hear people talking on the forum the next day they rob me they feel that it appears before bed so you know this is yeah I'd say if you wouldn't use steroids in the gym don't use galanthamine you gotta try it man like I tried it too I've tried like five or six times it's important to have an opinion on it but yeah I got a very strong message actually from the dreamer I got a strong message like it actually told me this is bullshit don't use it you are vandalizing your spiritual practice I got a very very strong message from from the dreams and don't use this stuff but maybe that was just for me okay I was wondering is there any proof of how we can influence others through our lucid dreams I mean either any proofs maybe during the workshops or maybe some research that you have read that people for example left a message for someone in their dreams and that somehow influenced their other person hmm yeah there's no no scientific research phenomenal I mean that's way outside science but based on eleven years of teaching workshops and retreats in more than 25 countries yeah I've heard way too many stories not to believe something and sometimes it's just it's coincidence people want to believe it but I can say like over 10 maybe 10 11 12 stories where I've been told by someone I trust you know and I think don't they're not trying to impress me they're not there's too much detail in what they're saying and you then hear the other person there's too much detail and he realized they actually that actually happened one of them either it's a psychic connection through the lucid dream or maybe some part of that consciousness actually into their lucid dream I can't explain but I know I've seen too many of those things for it to be not true I think it's more rare than people think people like to think it's oh yeah we can enter people's dreams yeah it's like no you can't it's very very rare sorry not no you can't it's it's sometimes you can but it's very very okay maybe like out of a hundred times like if we have a dream together but tonight I might dream about because we've done this podcast together it doesn't mean that you were in my dream I'm just means we have the same daytime experience so maybe you'll think about me tonight so when people say that and they call it the shared dream I'll put a cool bullshit the reason I call bullshit is not because I'm a cynic and I don't believe it's possible it's because I do believe it's possible so because I do believe it's possible and I would really love for us to get verified scientific proof that it's possible I think you need to be very rigorous in what we say is definitely a shared dream and what is just a coincidence so it's because I do believe not because I don't the Buddhist view though if you are the Buddhist view they say yeah it's totally possible even say you have seven times the power of consciousness so imagine if you have seven hundred percent more consciousness right now you would be psychic you could levitate you could do all these things that we can do in the lucid dream so they say if you were going to communicate with someone psychically much much easier to do that in a lucid dream than the waking state and as far as entering each other's dreams and stuff it's a yeah it's possibility set the intention like awakened beings people have had an Enlightenment experience they can enter people's dreams they say you can receive prophecies from the dream see future events before they happen all of that are said to be possible at Buddhism but as far as like scientific research thank you Charlie one last question I promise with named and we've discussed two things that people could do to try to see dreaming like to set up an intention to repeat their intention for at least twenty one time before they go to that and practice it for seven days shirred about the alarm clock and that people can actually wake up in order to remind themselves about their intention can you give two or maybe three or maybe even one more tool just for people to have in their backpack yeah sure I mean the things that I often give in talks like this what people want a quick few tips or I call the three Dean's so the first D is dream weekly and we discussed that that's falling asleep as you go through the hypnagogic state reciting over and over again twenty-one times if you can tonight I remember my dreams I have excellent dream recall tonight I remember my dreams I have excellent dream equals a falling asleep reciting now number two the second dean is dreaming Diaries so writing down your dreams the reason we write down our dreams is not to interpret them although it you want to that's fine the reason we write them down is the spot patterns because as he write down your dreams let's say you write down your dreams from seven lights in the work and then at the end of the seven Nike look back you'll start to see patterns you'll see oh look I often dream that I'm back at school oh wow yeah I wear dream of my dead grandmother or I've always had that dream that I'm back in the house where I grew up in you'll start to see these patterns emerge that's why we keep the dream die and once you see those patterns simply by being aware of them you start to create a habit of noticing but even better is if you can see a recurring one let's say you always dream of being back at school then the third D is called dream science and this is as you're falling asleep you can say to yourself well if between now and breakfast I'm back at school then I must be dreaming is between now and breakfast I'm back at school I must eat drink so you create a very strong intention but if you find yourself back at school or the school appears or now at a time you wake up you must be dreaming now that sounds kind of simplistic but we use that part of the memory all the time when we say hi you know I owe my friend like 50 pounds god I remember to get some money from the cash book go to remember get money from cash then we forget about it but the next time we see an ATM a cash point we go oh I heard that 50 pounds when we get the money so it's actually a quite a good it's it's what a muscular part of our memory you know we use it a lot so it sounds crazy how will I remember that in the dream but you will because we dream about our habits if you're in the habit of being scared of spiders you often dream about scary spiders you're in the habit of being worried about a thing work you might dream about a thing worth if you can be in the habit of knowing that these things only happen in my dreams being back at school seeing my dead grandmother whatever it is then the awareness of that habit will often trigger into the lucid dream now these are just kind of a few beginner things what is the best way to learn about you and to connect with you yeah if you go to my website Charlie Morecambe that's got all the information about the books and the online courses and stuff like that and I'm on Facebook and Instagram again and Charlie more lucid dreaming you'll find me and yeah the online courses are good there's a six hour one which is like six hours of footage it's very good it's without doubt the best lucid dreaming online course on the market and I said that would full respect and my other friends had done online courses but it's it just is it's just it's not that I'm so good but it's the way it's being short is so good but it's filmed by these documentary filmmakers so the quality of the footage is just so high because they weren't online course makers they were documentary makers who made an online course form so just the quality of the footage is definitely the highest you can put on your site as well right yeah yeah these will also go through the course then do it Charla thank you very much I had a lot of fun lovely talking to you I had a great day
    Manifesting Your Golden Reality l Subliminal Sleep Programming for Powerful Thought Transformation 🔴 Music for Sleep 24/7, Relaxing Music, Insomnia, Deep Sleep Music, Sleep Meditation, Study, Sleep A Red Planet Forever in the Orbit of Science and Dreams - Is there life on Mars? POWERFUL! 2 HOURS LUCID DREAMS | Deep Sleep Relaxing Music | Binaural Beats lucidity What Is The Most Destructive Force in the Universe? Discovery Space Documentary Guided Meditation into Astral Projection // Lucid Dream // OBE w binaural beats The Dream of Life and Success The Hidden Code For Transforming Dreams Into Reality | Mary Morrissey | TEDxWilmingtonWomen SUSAN BOYLE "I DREAMED A DREAM" BRITAINS GOT TALENT 2009 (SINGER) (HD) Joel Osteen - Remember Your Dream