The 8R's to Freedom - Steps to Victory - Pastor Donna Wright - For My Life Mini Teaching

The 8R's to Freedom - Steps to Victory - Pastor Donna Wright - For My Life Mini Teaching
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    Hi I'm Pastor Donna Wright with Be in Health and Hope of the Generations Church. Today I want to talk about a topic that is called the 8R's to freedom. Now this is a short teaching compared to the one that you would get at For My Life. I wanted to start with did you know that 80 percent of all disease is actually has a spiritually rooted issue? It's when we participate with sin. When we have a disease in our lives, we look everywhere. How do we. What do I do. What do I say. Where do I go. Well we have to examine ourselves whether or not perhaps maybe there, we have some things in our lives that maybe is not of God. Well what do you do after you realize that maybe I do have some things that are not of God. Because Isaiah 5:13 says "My people are gone into captivity because they have no knowledge". He's talking to God's people. That are not having any knowledge. Captivity is to be held captive against your will. Imprisoned. And you know it can even be disease. So with this teaching I will give you some steps maybe how to decide. Are you participating? And what are you participating with? At any time that you think oh my goodness, I am thinking of something right now. Just take the opportunity to go before God. So the first R to freedom is Recognize you have to recognize you have a problem or issue recognizing those things in your lives that maybe God does not want you to have. Maybe doesn't line up with this character. Maybe it's things that really become a burden to us. So the first R is to recognize number two. You've got to take Responsibility. I did it. I'm the one I do. I participated with that sin. Take responsibility. Don't blame others. Don't try to justify. The third is Repent after I have seen that I have had a sin. I took responsibility. Now I have to repent and I want to make sure you understand something repent is not saying I'm sorry God. No, sorry is just sorrow sometimes sorrow because I got caught or Yeah I did it no repentance is actually going one direction and turning another It absolutely is that I'm going to change my life so I have repented God for that sinned I participated with the next thing we do is we Renounce it we say I don't want this in my life ever again I don't ever want to go back to that I don't ever want to be become part of that I want it I want to deal with it take it captive throw it down I don't want any part of it. The next one is the one that everybody wants to go to first but it really is not the first one. It's the fifth one is to Remove. That means I get it out of my life. I cast it away from me. I ask God to make me a new heart but I remove it. Though the R is about removing the sin it's about removing the addiction about the bitterness removing it the rejection whatever it may be you remove it and get it out of your life. The sixth one is resist. We learned in James 4:7 to submit to God resist the devil and he will flee resist the devil and he will flee. We are taking a stand against that way of thinking speaking or acting that does not line up with God. Resisting. Is such a big deal. That is you really have to learn how to resist. You know we don't have to go into temptations. We don't have to give in to bitterness. We don't have to fall back into addictions. We don't have to do that just because that was once us it doesn't have to be us again. Your ability to defeat Satan is in direct proportion to your obedience to God. It comes down to obeying the Father that's got to be your heart. You've got to want to do that. Matthew 6:33 gives us the order "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you". All these things are a direct relationship with your God the Father with your father with the Lord Jesus Christ. You know our Seventh is a good one I love this one. Rejoice. I mean you've just been through all of this stuff. Now you're like wow you're going to feel it in your heart too you rejoice giving our Father thanks glorifying in him. Thanks for the knowledge of what to do with all this stuff. Thanks for the freedom we now have and then after taking responsibility repenting and thanks for the love that he has for us we have a lot to be thankful for. We have a lot to be grateful for. We have a lot to give Thanksgiving for. Rejoicing is one of my favorites. Then the last R is to Restore you know when you have been given so very much. I mean you just can't help but want to give it away. I mean you wanna see other people in your life free you want to. You want to get involved and say, "hey you know you can be free of this". Maybe it's restoring relationships. Maybe it's you know restoring you know things that you were never able to do because you were in sin before. Maybe you're healthy now anyway but it's restore. King David after he took responsibility and repentance said this in Psalms 51:13 "Then will I teach transgressors the Ways and sinners shall be converted" that should be your heart to. We have a responsibility to give away the passing on if you will. But what we have learned to someone else. I hope this has blessed you. If you like this video go ahead and give us a thumbs up or hit the bell or subscribe and please leave us a comment.
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