TLI Week 1: The first (thousand) steps

TLI Week 1: The first (thousand) steps
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    Hey guys, Tomek here. This video is an update on my first week of my weight loss progress. The first week was simply awesome, to be honest, even though I needed to miss three walks due to rainy weather or my head hurting. The walks themselves were more pleasant than I expected, it feels good to be out there in nature and to connect with it. At first I thought I would be bored out of my mind, but there's always something different about each walk even though I take the exact same route every time, like seeing wild animals on the fields or on the road, the sound of the wind, the beautiful sky during sunset, little stuff like that. Even after a few days I felt irritated when I couldn't go on my walk due to heavy rain, but at least I substituted it with more exercising indoors, so it always worked out. Actually I just realized this recently, but throughout the week there wasn't a single day where I felt down or had a bad mood or anything like that and it's quite an amazing feeling to me. As I said to one of my friends, it literally feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I'm getting more and more motivated every single day. I hope that never stops, but I do know it won't be easy all the way through. There was only one "lazy" day during the week, but I had to rest because my head started hurting real bad during the afternoon. It's a shame, but it didn't stop me in my progress, so yeah. Speaking of progress, first, let me show you some numbers from this week. This is gonna be the boring part of each update but anyway, let's get to it. The white colored numbers in each row represent the number of steps I've taken during the day, just walking around the house and doing whatever, and the ones in bold show the number of steps during my long walks of that day. Keep in mind that these numbers are just approximations, but they give a good general idea of how many steps I actually took that day in total. I have to mention that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I cannot bring my watch with me during the day for personal reasons, but I always calculate those steps manually. And now comes the part that might actually be interesting to some people, and that's the weekly weigh-in. In last week's video I measured at 93.1 kilos, let's see how much I lost after one week. So, as you can see, that right there is 90.4 kilos, which means, during my first week, I've lost 2.7 kilograms. That might actually be too big of a weight loss for one week, but it should be noted that most of the weight gets lost during the first weeks, so most of that was probably water weight with a bit of burned fat. Not surprisingly I don't notice any difference in my appearance yet after a week, but I definitely feel a significant increase in my stamina. Not gonna lie, I struggled with keeping my own pace during my first two walks, but then I just kinda got into the rhythm and now I can finish a 7000 step walk easily, even after a week, which is actually kind of amazing to me. Because of this, I implemented a bit of jogging in my last walk of the week, and I've decided that I'm gonna be progressing with jogging, going for bigger and bigger distances each time to increase my stamina, burn more fat and to strengthen my heart even more. After I uploaded my introduction video last week, I tried making an account on Instagram which I've planned to use for posting regular updates throughout the week, but that account got banned immediately on creation, which is extremely interesting to me because I didn't even have the opporitunity to take a look at the account itself, let alone post anything. Because of this, I've decided to make a Facebook page just before uploading this video, and I'm gonna be posting there instead. The name of the page is "Tomek Loses It", and you can find it at: If you'd like to, like the page and you'll see posts there about the walks and maybe some other stuff too, we'll see. Sorry for the gameplay video in the background, but I didn't take a lot of video footage of my walks throughout the week. Please let me know if it was fine to look at or if you want to see actual footage of me walking in the comments below or on my Facebook page. Anyways, I think that's all I had to say about the first week. Thank you for watching this update video, and take care!
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