Android App Bundles and Dynamic Features explained

Android App Bundles and Dynamic Features explained
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    [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: Imagine going to your favorite restaurant. You take a look at the menu, and you know exactly what you want to order. And, wow, you realize they now have ice cream for dessert. So you place your order and let the waiter know you'll be having that ice cream after your meal. A few minutes go by, and the waiter comes back with every single item on the menu, including that ice cream you wanted after your meal. You end up leaving the restaurant incredibly frustrated. Half of the items on the table went to waste. You ended up paying for items you didn't order. And you didn't even have a chance to try that ice cream before it melted. Now, what does this have to do with apps? Currently, when a user downloads your app, they're served every single item on the menu, even if they don't need it, or if they might want it at a later point. For a user, this is incredibly frustrating. They're forced to download a giant monolithic app, using up precious storage space on their device for items they didn't need or want right away. With Android App Bundles, Google Play will deliver just the code and resources needed for each user's specific device, making the app size dramatically smaller, freeing up precious storage space. And that's not all. The app bundle introduces modular app development with dynamic feature modules, allowing you to choose how and when your app loads additional features. You can choose to deliver features to specific countries, devices, or you can deliver features on demand only when users need them. Tens of thousands of popular apps have already adopted the Android App Bundle. You no longer need to deliver a giant, monolithic app to all their users at install time. And with dynamic feature modules, you can serve only what your users need, speeding up your engineering velocity and build times, resulting in higher install conversion rates and a better user experience. In fact, for every three megabytes removed in APK size apps, see on average 1% increase in installs. Learn more at
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