Best Money mangemer APP (Android) .#මුදල් කළමනාකරණ යෙදුම #ඉතා පහසු සහ සරලයි

Best Money mangemer APP (Android) .#මුදල් කළමනාකරණ යෙදුම #ඉතා පහසු සහ සරලයි
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    go to the google play store Search keyword "Spending Tracker" There are lot of applications This is the correct aplication and insatlle it in to your device. you can check user comments and rating of this app OK here we are in application first we should make profile for our requirements. From ' +' sign you can add multiple profiles with custom names. Type name which you required i type here Bank Of Ceylon name Select color here default Profile i will change as day to day expenses again i have made HNB bank profile Now we are move to setting tab.there are lot of things in menu we can customize time period here month starting date. if your salary 10th you can use it as 10th or your choice you can check each one Now I'm going to change my currency to LKR Now we are in category menu ,here you can use default categories If not you can add your required expenses or income category you can use icon here This is summary chart .after do some expenses you can see here chart You can see here very simple interface here. im selecting Expenses type expended amount here from category you can select relavant category here we are in income section rules are same before :) In account section we can transfer money from one profile to other here Im transfer 15000 to day expenses profile here you can see balance has 15000 now. as per our expenses that balance will change
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