How to use FlightViewer(Android App) #1

How to use FlightViewer(Android App) #1
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    The log display tool of DJI Drones made on Windows was ported to Android App. This tool is useful when used with Litchi. First, press the Camera option from Litchi Settings and set [Auto Record] to On. This synchronize the video and LOG accurately. Start Flight Viewer. If Litchi is installed, the Litch Log folder will be displayed. When you press the CSV file you want to convert, the conversion parameters are displayed. Set the parameters and press the [CREATE] button. When the [CHECK] button is pressed, the file currently being converted is displayed. Once converted, flight information is displayed in addition to the CSV file name. Upload the converted file to your PC. The file is in the FlightViewer folder. Overlays the converted LOG video and the video shot with the Drone camera. I am using ffmpeg. With this ffmpeg setting, the playback speed is doubled. The time is adjusted with -ss -0.95 for accurate synchronization. Play the edited video.
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