Once you use these 12 dark mode Android apps, youll never go back

Once you use these 12 dark mode Android apps, youll never go back
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    Once you use these 12 dark mode Android apps, youll never go back First,  is coming to Android later this year with the release of Android Q. Then Apple followed by announcing , also available later this year. , the benefits of using dark mode on your phone is twofold: It uses less of your phones battery, and causes less strain on your eyes in dim environments. has flirted with an  for the past couple of years, and even included a half baked version in . But with Android Q, the company is providing developers with the proper tools to support a full fledged dark theme. If youre an early adopter and want to start using Andro id Q now, you can .  In the absence of a true dark mode on Android, third party developers have taken it upon themselves to add dark modes to their respective apps. With the launch of Android Q still a couple of months away, we found a handful of apps you can use right now that look pretty darn good. The official app has a lot of features, but one of the most underrated is dark mode support. You dont have to dig through the settings to turn it on, either. Open the app, tap on the three dot menu icon in the top right corner then enable dark mode. first  that had to be unlocked by sending a crescent moon emoji in a conversation thread. After testing was completeed, the feature became official and can now be just . The official uses a few different dark mode settings. You can turn on the night theme at all times in settings under Theme, or you can let the app decide when to go dark based on the time of day or whenever your phone is in battery saver mode. Spend a lot of time in ? Then, yeah, youll want to use its dark mode. You can find the toggle in the apps settings by tapping on the three dot icon in the top right corner then Settings. Scroll down and find Dark Mode. Tap on it then select Continue.  There are plenty more apps that support a dark mode or night theme. If you really want to go all in on dark mode, the best bet is to look in each apps Settings section appearance or display subsettings are a great place to look for the option to change the look of the app. now has a dark mode thats activated whenever you enable a dark or night theme on your Android phone. You wont find a toggle in the apps settings menu and theres no specific update that appears to have enabled it. We currently have access to it on a Pixel 3 XL, but not a OnePlus 7 Pro, so the feature seems to be slowly rolling out. If you dont have a dark theme enabled on your Android phone, enable it in the settings app in the Display section.  Samsungs night mode takes a more aggressive approach to darkening the interface. For instance, almost immediately the Settings app goes from a white background to black. The quick settings panel and individual notifications will be dark, as well. Youll also find dark versions of nearly all preinstalled Samsung apps when dark mode is enabled. Enabling a system level dark mode or theme ensures that youre getting all the dark mode your device can dish out. What apps do you regularly use that offer a dark mode? Let us know in the comments. 
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